-KeyStore: It contains private keys and public certificates which are used to authenticate clients. It is used to configure on the server side.
-TrustStore: It contains trusted SSL or public certificates. usually, it is used to configure on the client side.

Create a keypair and keystore

keytool -genkeypair -alias…

  1. Apache Storm
  2. Apache Kafka

Apache Storm

  • The main purpose of the Apache Storm is to Process the huge amount of data in real time.
  • It will receive data from the input stream then process the data and the data send to the output stream.
  • Developed by Twitter.

Apache Kafka

  • The main purpose of the Apache Kafka is distributed messaging.
  • It will work on Producer and Consumer Pattern.
  • It has the ability to store the data to provide falt tolerance.
  • It is developed by LinkedIn

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  1. What is AD?
  2. What is LDAP?
  3. How to query the LDAP.
  4. LDAP injections.
  5. Preventing LDAP injections.

1. What is AD?

Active Directory is a directory service implementation which will provide the servers like authentication, groups, user management, policy administration and more.

AD supports both LDAP and…

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